Project Description

Thyroid shield


Thyroid shield with adjustable Velcro fastening.

The garment is edged with the lining fabric and the stitching is with high tenacity polyester yarn.

The thyroid shield has the labeling required by the relevant regulations, barcode and RFID TAG for its traceability.

The thyroid shield is manufactured in two sizes: small and large depending on the circumference of the user’s neck.

The thyroid shield can be manufactured in the desired thicknesses, according to the company’s protocols, but not less than 0.35 mm Pb eq. as required by the relevant regulations.


Thyroid shield cover in soft 100% polyester fabric with back opening for inserting the thyroid shield.

The cover protects the thyroid shield, keeping it protected from direct contact with the user’s skin.

The garment is lead-free, latex-free and PVC-free.


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Size table