Project Description

Sterile drape

ARTICLE: drapes

Radioprotective sterile drapes against diffuse radiation, to be used on the patient during surgery.

The drapes are edged with grosgrain ribbon and the stitching is with high tenacity polyester yarn.

The radioprotective sterile drapes have the labeling required by the relevant regulations, barcode and RFID TAG for their traceability.

The drapes are manufactured in various sizes and with different types of shapes and openings and can also be customized.

The drapes can be manufactured in the desired thicknesses, according to the company’s protocols.

The garment is lead-free, latex-free and PVC-free.



sterile pack


TRX03: Cloth 45×35 cm with a semicircle hole

TRX04: “U” cloth 45×35 cm

TRX05: Cloth 45×35 cm without hole

TRX06: Cloth 45×35 cm with 4 cm hole and opening