Project Description

Radioprotective glasses

ARTICLE: glasses

Radioprotective glasses with integrated side shields and nosepiece in silicone.

Average thickness of arm 3.85 mm and frame 4.75 mm.

Tortoiseshell frame and clear lead glass lens with protection of 0.75 mm Pb equivalent to 150 kV.

The lens thickness is 2.5 mm with 4 Base curve and Optical class equal to 1. Anti-reflective coating on lenses available on request.

The complete weight of the PPE is 86 grams.

All the radioprotective glasses are certified as PPE category III.

The radioprotective glasses can be available in different models, frame colors and radiation protection levels.



hard case with lens cleaning cloth



PGB289T: anti-radiation glasses side protection plano lenses

PFT4070C-0: anti-radiation glasses in polycarbonate plano lenses

539UX001: anti-radiation glasses with carbon frame and adjustable arms plano lenses

561UX001: anti-radiation glasses with ultra lightweight frame and softpad technology plano lenses

562UX001: anti-radiation glasses with ultra lightweight frame and incorporated side shields softpad technology plano lenses