Project Description

Products for cleansing and disinfection


Product for manual cleansing

DETEK PROFESSIONAL - Prodotto per la detersione manualeIndustrial detergent for washing underwear, flat linen, workwear and linen for hospitals.

Usable on cotton, linen, polyester and other resistant fibers and can be used in any washing process and with any type of material.

Effective right from low temperatures, it ensures excellent cleaning of white and colored linen.

Removes grease and stains, cleans deep down and neutralizes unpleasant odors from fabrics. A surfactant-based product which, due to its strength, can remove (even at low temperatures) any type of dirt from any type of fabric.

Thanks to its high cleansing power, excellent results are obtained even with very low weights of use.

Does not contain optical brighteners.


With spray dispenser bottle


Product for manual disinfection

PHARMA STERIL - Prodotto per la disinfezione manualeMedical Device CE 0476 Class IIb, Medical Device Classification D0799 Registration Reference No. 64729.

A ready to use alcoholic disinfectant solution which, thanks to the association of various active ingredients, offers a wide range of action that includes Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, yeasts, fungi, mycobacterium tubercolis and viruses (HIV, HBV, HCV).

The alcoholic conveyance of the active ingredient creates a synergistic effect and also preserves the formulated product from any risk of contamination.


With spray dispenser bottle

TASKY MY MICRO - Manual cleansing cloth


Manual cleansing cloth