Project Description

Hung garments locker


Built with lightweight anodized alloy sheet metal.

Trolley body consisting of a single piece of sheet metal, with vertical terminal edges, folded outwards, with the elimination of joints and/or interstices inside, to ensure maximum hygiene and cleanliness in the washing and sanitizing phase.

Roof in suitably shaped sheet metal, with drip in the front to facilitate the removal of water to the outside of the trolley.

Completely empty inside, with 1 clothes rack located at the top.

Rubber seal integrated in the structure, all around the front wall to create a barrier against dust (during door closing).

Two swing doors that open 270° parallel to the ends, provided with open position stop magnets, closed by means of bolt and controlled by PVC handle.

Bottom bumper in aluminum section covered with non-marking gray PVC profile.

2 horizontal push handles, fixed to the two short sides.

Equipped with 4 non-marking gray super-elastic 200 mm diameter rubber wheels, 2 fixed and 2 swiveling.