Project Description

Cross bodice


men’s and women’s model

Bodice consisting of front and two half backs partially overlapped.

Cross closure on the sides with Velcro and elastic sewn in the two half backs for adjustment.

Overlapped padded shoulder pads trimmed with grosgrain ribbon with female Kappa snap fastener at the end for the arm cover.

Left shoulder of the right half back that overlaps the left shoulder of the front adjustable with Velcro.

Pocket edged with trilaminate fabric applied on the left chest.

10 x 5 cm loop Velcro logo holder applied on the pocket covered with 10 x 5 hook Velcro, lined with trilaminate fabric.

The garment is entirely edged with 3 cm wide grosgrain ribbon and has the labeling required by the applicable regulations, barcode and RFID TAG for its traceability.

Stitching with high tenacity polyester yarn.

The garment is lead-free, latex-free and PVC-free.



large box


size table